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We develop solutions to top-tier clients with core businesses not directly linked to energy.
Real state
Ricardo Levit
Transforming Investments
“ffizency allows me to offer attractive investment opportunities -that are both easy to understand and socially responsible- based on client savings as a source of investor returns. ”
Jordi Ruiz
Transforming Investments
“Es un lujo colaborar con un equipo de primer nivel, alineado a intereses medioambientales en los que me siento tan identificado, haciendo llegar una oportunidad de inversión inmejorable a inversores, familiares y amigos.”
Raquel Martínez
Transforming Accounts
“Salvaguardar el medioambiente… optimizar recursos naturales y evitar el derroche como solución para las necesidades futuras.”
Juan Martínez de Tejada
Transforming Innovation
“There are a lot of technologies to reduce energy consumption. The challenge is to properly interconnect them and also with the companies processes so that they are economically viable. We have to measure, collect data, analyze it and then design the optimal solution.”
Daniel Viñas
Transforming Partnerships
“It is both a great pride and a great responsibility to be able to support such a talented and energy-filled team. They have made possible a unique and innovative business model. It is very motivating to be able to extend this assets to rest of the society for its own good. ”
Daniel Coma-Cros
Transforming Branding
“I enjoy developing innovative and transparent brands who are sensitive to problems around them. Those who produce a positive impact in society will have far higher chances to survive in time. ”
At ffizency we are a multidisciplinary team who not only likes to transform the lives of our clients and investors but also the place in which we live. Everyday.
Sara Bolívar
Transforming Execution
“En ffizency he encontrado un equipo con una excepcional calidad profesional y humana con el que disfruto impulsando el cambio hacia una sociedad más responsable con el consumo energético y el medio ambiente. ”
Helena Gadea
Transforming Relationships
“At ffizency I am part of a sustainable and innovative project that allows me to offer a customized service to all our investors, who more and more place their trust and confidence on us.”
Eloi Catalán
Transforming Structuring
“To be part of ffizency's team is a new professional challenge that allows me to develop my abilities in an innovative sector whilst contributing to improve the environment.”
Where we are
Avenida Diagonal 467 1º 2ª
General Perón, 38. Planta 17
Ed. Masters I. 28020
Doubts? Do you want to learn more about our services or investment products? Please contact us at hello@ffizency.com or call us at 932 387 230.